The Kentucky Tornado Put An Ear Of Corn Through A John Deere Windshield

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Last Friday night into early Saturday morning, one of the longest tornados in American history swept across Arkansas all the way through Kentucky.

It was an absolutely horrific scene, as the 100 mph group of twisters devastated several towns.

We brought you the story of Kyana Parsons-Perez, a brave woman who tried to comfort her coworkers while they were trapped inside the candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, that they worked at, awaiting rescue teams to come get them.

It truly gave me perspective on just how terrifying the situation was, making you feel for those who lost homes, jobs, businesses, and even lives.

And as another example of just how insane the tornado was, check this out.

A Kentucky farmer brought in their tractor to the local John Deere shop after it had gotten obliterated by the tornado, and believe it or not, the tornado blew a ear of corn straight through the windshield.

I mean, could you imagine how fast that sucker had to be traveling to get lodged like that?

This stuff is mind blowing.

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If you’d like to donate to help the victims of the devastating tornado, you can find information HERE.

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