Wrestler Goes WAY Off Script, Stabs Referee Multiple Times In Forehead With An Iron Spike

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And I thought all of this was supposed to be fake…

When you go to a wrestling event, unless you’re six years old, you already know that everything is staged. You’re there for the drama of it all, the theater of it, the athleticism… but then you see one of the wrestlers put the referee in a chokehold, and then pull out an iron stake…


It’s all fun and games until he’s actually stabbing the guy.

According to USA Today, pro wrestler Devon Nicholson, better known as “Hannibal,” paid the referee Lando Deltoro $75 to simply “get hit with a spike” at the “Christmas Star Wars” World Class Pro Wrestling event in Irving, Texas.

When that happened, Deltoro was supposed to cut himself with a razor as part of the planned stunt.

Deltoro did just that, but Nicholson didn’t think it was hard enough, so he decided to start STRAIGHT UP STABBING HIM.

In the graphic video, you can see the ref screaming as his face gets covered in blood.

The man said via Twitter that it was impossible to stop a guy who was way bigger than he was:

“I just wanted to say that’s it’s very hard to talk when there is a 300 lbs man’s knee on your back and then being put in a choke hold while being stabbed repeatedly in the head with an iron spike.”

He then said that he had a blood infection, and had to go to multiple hospitals to get treated.

He added:

“I was hired to do a job and it went off-script.”

World Class Pro Wrestling CEO Jerry Bostic made sure that fans knew there was no place for those kind of antics in the sport:

“What happened last night is never OK in wrestling, ever, or in anything to be exact. Someone went into business for themselves, then took it too far, and someone could have lost their life because of it.

There’s no place in pro wrestling for that. There’s no place at all for it.”

Nicholson responded through YouTube about the incident, before setting the video private. In defense of himself, he said:

“What happened, this referee was supposed to bleed from razor blade cuts. I assumed he actually cut himself with the razor blades.”

Nicholson has officially been banned from any World Class Pro Wrestling events.

I’m not sure “off script” is quite the word for it…

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