Minnesota Instacart Driver Destroys Elderly Customer’s Groceries Over “Thank You PD” Sign

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If there is a down part when it comes to delivery services like Door Dash, Uber Eats, or Instacart, it’s that you have absolutely no clue who could be delivering your purchases.

They could be a very sane, normal person like most delivery drivers, or… you could wind up with the occasional certified psychopath who abuses the job and the customers.

And this Instacart driver?

Certified psychopath.

According to The Kansas City Star, an Instacart driver in Blaine, Minnesota decided to run over their customer’s groceries after seeing a pro-police sign sitting in the front yard.

The sign read  ‘Thank You Blaine PD.”

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The homeowners said they had received the notification that the delivery driver was at their home, but when they went outside, the driver began to yell at them to check inside their Christmas wreath on their front door, while “driving back and forth in the driveway.”

The couple checked inside the wreath and found their receipt with a derogatory note, along with their groceries completely ran over in the driveway.

The note read:

“Instacart doesn’t pay employees sorry find another slave fuck the police racist pigs.”

The police said in a statement:

“After reviewing the context of the written message it appears that the delivery driver’s actions were in response to a sign supporting law enforcement that is in the homeowner’s front yard.”

Posted by Blaine Police Department on Monday, December 13, 2021

An Instacart spokesperson said that the customers have been refunded for their order, and said in the statement:

“We’re appalled by the unacceptable actions of this shopper, who has been removed from the Instacart platform as a result.

We’ll continue to provide support to the impacted customers and will also work directly with local law enforcement on any investigations into this matter.”

The investigation is still ongoing, and the driver will likely face charges.

Here’s the full FB message from a relative of the elderly couple:


Posted by Amber Gray on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Something tells me ol’ Tara won’t be delivering food anytime soon…

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