Devin Ratray, AKA Buzz On ‘Home Alone,’ Accused Of Trying To Strangle His Girlfriend

Devin Ratray, Devin Ratray are posing for a picture
John Lamparski/Getty Images

Remember when we delivered the news that the Home Alone house, located in the Chicago suburbs, would be available for a one-night stay as an Airbnb, and Buzz would be the host?

Well, I hope he didn’t try and strangle the guests…

According to Page Six, Devin Ratray (Buzz) and his girlfriend got into a heated argument, which eventually turned physical.

It’s been reported that she filed a police report one day after the incident occurred, saying that the Home Alone actor punched her in the face, put his hand over her mouth, and attempted to strangle her after the argument began.

Law enforcement said that they were called to the Hyatt hotel near downtown Oklahoma City after the dispute, telling the two to go their separate ways for the night.

The Oklahoma City Police Department noted that there have been no charges filed, however.

Ratray’s representatives claim that “nothing physical happened,” however they confirmed that there was indeed an argument, and the two have broken up.

Sounds like Buzz grew up to be the worm he was in the movie.

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