Zac Stacy Tells Officers The Horrifying Video Of Him Beating His Ex-Girlfriend Was Staged: “She Staged It, She Set Me Up.”

Exactly a month ago, the world was exposed the horrific news and footage of former NFL running back Zac Stacy beating his ex-girlfriend in front of their son.

It all my years on the internet, it might be one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen…

WARNING: Graphic footage

He was on the run for a little bit, but later turned himself in to Orlando, Florida police.

Now, the arrest footage of Stacy has officially been released to the public, and he’s now claiming that the whole thing was a “set up.”

Yeah, okay…

Via TMZ Sports, you can hear Stacy say in the video:

“It’s just a case of just bitterness, man. That’s why she did this. The whole assault thing, she staged it. She set me up.

The whole thing was staged. All she’s trying to do is get money out of me. She got a reaction out of me.”

He then continued to say that he thinks his ex was upset with him because he no longer wanted to have a romantic relationship with her.

The former St. Louis Rams and New York Jets running back said that his ex knew he wasn’t in a good place mentally, as he had just checked out of rehab for anxiety and depression, and she used that against him.

“She knew I was down, she knew I was going through anxiety and depression. She knew I was trying to close this gap that’s between me and my son and she’s just upset that she got caught and she’s upset I’m not taking care of him like she expected.

And now she took it this far.”

He added:

“This is just a case of just girl is just bitter that I don’t want to be with her and she’s just trying to destroy my whole reputation ’cause of this shit.”

Even though he appears to not take any responsibility, he did say that he knew what he did was “fucked up.”

“I don’t know what man… how any man could have handled that situation.”

Uhh, I don’t know… any way that’s NOT physically beating her, throwing her across the room like a rag doll, and body slamming her IN FRONT OF YOUR KID you piece of shit… that’s how you could’ve handled it. Not putting your hands on her AT ALL, that’s how any man worth a shit would’ve handled it.

The fact that he is this clueless is absolutely FRIGHTENING.

He was eventually taken to the police station and booked on charges of felony aggravated battery and felony criminal mischief.

Like Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams said…


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