Throwback To Luke Bryan’s Priceless Reaction After Downing A Whitetail Buck Bowhunting In Illinois

Man, talk about a blast from the past.

I remember those nights in the college dorm back freshman/sophomore year, and binge watching these old Buck Commander videos.

If you’re not familiar, it’s a hunting show, that features the likes of Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, former pro baseball player Adam LaRoche, and other avid hunters.

This specific episode is from quite a few years back, titled “Luke Bryan Shoots GIANT,” features the group whitetail hunting up in Illinois.

The show kicks off by talking about how slow it was this year in filming, when the previous year they saw buck after buck. It didn’t matter which location they went to, they just weren’t seeing anything, and when they did, they couldn’t get it done.

Finally, it comes down to  Mr. “country girl shake it for me himself,” Mr. “I tape my boots to the inside of my skinny jeans,” Luke Bryan.

Luke was up in the stand, and admits that their sitting in the worst wind possible, as it’s blowing a staggering 15 mph. However, a big ol’ buck trudges in, right within Luke’s range.

He takes aim, draws back, and boom.


Luke then delivers one of the most hilarious hunting reactions anybody has, and probably ever will, see… he starts shaking profusely like a Pentecostal Grandma, saying:

“Is he down? Is he down? Is he down?”

Yes, Luke… he’s down.

If you know the feeling… you understand the reaction.

Gotta love it.

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