Relive Morgan Wade’s Entire ‘OurVinyl Sessions’ Performance

I, like many, first heard of Morgan Wade from some songs she recorded acoustically with OurVinyl Sessionsan incredible series that records some top level performances from some of country’s best, including Tyler Childers, Billy Strings, Kat Hasty and Arlo McKinley, and more.

If you find yourself going back to Morgan’s videos time and time again, you’re gonna love this.

Her performances of “Left Me Behind,” “The Night,” “Through Your Eyes,” and “Stay” have now been put together into 15 minutes of glorious musical greatness.

The songs are ones she had been playing live for awhile but knew wouldn’t end up making her debut album, Reckless, but quite honestly I don’t know how “Left Me Behind” didn’t make the cut. That song absolutely cuts me to the core every time I hear it.

Hard to believe Morgan’s gone from only playing local Virginia bars in 2019, to cutting these recordings in 2020, to putting out the debut of all debuts with Reckless in 2021, and now getting geared up for a year of major shows in 2022.

The future has never been brighter.

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