Daughter’s Fishing Trip With Dad Hilariously Ends With Reel Being Caught In Her Hair

Dad mode: activated.

Tell me if you’ve heard this before – dad takes his kid for a little weekend fun, dad doesn’t pay attention, kid comes home with one helluva story for mom.

In this example, the dads are too busy drinking beer to notice the baby rolling down the hill…day drinking, amirite?

Or how about this? Dad takes toddler to the park. Dad is doing everything but paying attention to the kid. Annnnd an eagle stole the kid.

That brings me to this gem from 2019 where a young girl went on a fishing trip with her dad, only to have her dad not see her slide under him as reeling in more than just a fish.

I can imagine the “don’t freak out” text before getting home from dad on this one. The family from Arkansas ended up having a viral video thanks to dad’s reel, and the daughter’s hair.

Mom: “Did Daddy get that stuck in your hair?”

Daughter: “Yeah.”

The full news report with reaction from the parents.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock