A Fan Messaged Midland And Asked To Play With Them… And They Let Him

Midland country music

You gotta love stories like this.

Every musician has the dream of being at a concert, getting singled out by the band for some reason, going up on stage, crushing the performance and being the hero of the night.

We’ve even seen a few of these moments.

Keith Urban pulled a fan on stage on his birthday and he shredded so hard he’s now playing with Riley Green.

And more recently Zach Bryan let a fan hop up on stage to play his guitar and sing “Heading South”.

Now we have another story to add to the list.

Midland is out on their Last Resort Tour and made a stop in Knoxville, Tennessee just a few days ago. But earlier in November a fan sent them a DM and made them a very unique offer.

Rodolfo Resendiz sent the guys a video of him playing the accordion, well not just playing but apparently whatever the equivalent of shredding is. The guy is good.

So good that Midland invited him to play “Cheatin’ By The Rules” with them at the Tennessee Theater that night and holy shit was it a cool moment.

Rodolfo, you lived a dream that millions have. Hats off man, keep crushing it.

And shoutout Midland for making it happen.

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A beer bottle on a dock