The Denver Broncos Honor Demaryius Thomas With Only 10 Men On The Field For First Snap

Broncos DT

You gotta love this move.

After Demaryius Thomas’s tragic death in the shower of his Roswell, Georgia home last Thursday, it was easy to see how much he meant to his fellow NFL players, as several current and former players expressed their sadness via social media.

In particular, it really hit home for the Denver Broncos, as the 33-year-old was their star wide receiver for them from 2010-2018.

On the first possession for the Broncos in today’s game against the Detroit Lions, the team decided to honor Thomas in a moving way…

After the opening kickoff, the offense trotted onto the field, except this time, they only came on with 10 guys, leaving that one open spot at wide receiver in remembrance of Thomas.

Starting wide receiver Courtland Sutton could be seen taken a knee on the sidelines, honoring the late great.

Once the fans realized what was going on, a ferocious “DT” chant could be heard echoing throughout Mile High Stadium.

This was the second way the Broncos honored DT, as Sutton and fellow wide receiver Tim Patrick paused in the tunnel before coming out in memory.

The whole stadium then took a moment of silence for the man as well.

The football gods were smiling down as the Broncos finished their final drive of the day with 88 yards.

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