Celebrating Bob Barker’s 98th Birthday With The Time Beat Adam Sandler’s A** In ‘Happy Gilmore’

Bob barker

Bob Barker, absolute LEGEND.

Barker, who is most notorious as the host for the epic gameshow, The Price Is Right, had an extensive career that ranged from broadcasting, gameshow hosting, and even acting, spanning from 1950 to 2007.

And speaking of the man himself, he turned a whopping 98 today.

Talk about a long and flourishing life.

When it comes to the GOATs of gameshow hosting, Barker’s name is right up there with Alex Trebek.

However, in honor of the man’s birthday, we’re gonna take some time to replay one of the greatest fight scenes in movie history…

The square off between Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) and Bob Barker, off of arguably the most quotable movie of all time, Happy Gilmore.

And ol’ Bob whoops Happy’s ass.

Throwing punch after punch, Happy doesn’t know what hit him. And right when he thinks he finally took down Bob, he gets right back up and knocks him out, leaving us all with the greatest mic drop moment in 90s movie history:

“I think you’ve had enough.”

*Happy starts to get back up*


*Roundhouse kick to the face*

“Now you’ve had enough… Bitch.”

Talk about LEGENDARY, especially from a guy who was already 73 at the time.

Experience the whole scene below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock