Parker McCollum Teases New Song “I Did It Anyway”

Parker McCollum Country Music

Do we have a new heater in the works from Parker McCollum?

It sure as hell seems like it.

The man has been on fire here in 2021, dropping his first ever big label album Gold Chain Cowboy, and playing some jam packed shows

And he’s only going up from here.

Although 2021 is coming to a close here in a short few weeks, the man still could have something tucked down in the vaults.

He posted a 1:10 sound bite on Twitter, with the caption:

“Just messin around.”

The song is titled “I Did It Anyway,” and similar to several of the songs on Gold Chain Cowboy, like “Falling Apart,” it has a bit of that classic southern rock sound, reminiscent bands like .38 Special.

Maybe it really is just the man simply “messin around,” but ya never know.

Keep your eyes peeled, this could be a good one.

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A beer bottle on a dock