Tyron Woodley And Jake Paul Could Be Fighting For A THIRD Time

Tyron Woodley with tattoos

Tyron Woodley can’t get enough of fighting Jake Paul it seems.

The former UFC welterweight champ will be fighting Paul for the second time on December 18th in Tampa, after Tommy Fury had to back out due to injury.

Of course, Woodley was probably foaming at the mouth for this chance, as he surprisingly lost to the famous YouTuber earlier this year.

Not to mention, everybody and their brother were convinced that the fight was rigged, so hearing all of that noise is probably pushing him even more.

However, it appears that Woodley and Paul will not only be facing off for a second time, but also possibly a THIRD time.

The 39-year-old told TMZ Sports that there is a rematch clause in the contract:

“Yes, there is a rematch clause in there. After I knocked you out Mr. Betting Man, are you gonna run, or are you gonna wanna try to fight someone else, or are you gonna come get this work.”

And he threw a lil’ more good ol’ fashioned shit talk in there:

“I bet I beat his ass. I bet if he get up, I bet I do it again. I bet if he get up, I bet I knock his ass down again.”

That’s a lot of confidence coming from a guy who lost to an inexperienced pro boxer…

However, I really do wanna see Woodley make a fool out of Jake Paul. How great would it be to see a best two out of three stretch to officially crown the champ between the two?

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