Sierra Ferrell’s Cover Of The Foggy Mountain Boys’ “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down” Is Absolutely Incredible

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Sierra Ferrell has a hell of a voice.

The West Virginia native is blowing up with her unique look and style of music that is absolutely fascinating.

She grew up listening to bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and fuses different aspects of country, blues, rock and more to create her own sound she uses to tell stories that are uniquely Appalachian.

Her label debut album, Long Time Coming, was released this year and it’s absolutely incredible, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

She recently dropped a killer cover of the song popularized by the Foggy Mountain Boys, “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down,” that she’s been playing out on the road recently and it is GOOD.

The track was actually originally written and recorded in 1925 by the North Carolina Ramblers, and it became an instant hit, selling 106,000 copies. At the time, there were only estimated to be 6,000 phonographs in the southern United States.

Unfortunate for the band, though, is the fact that they were only paid $75 for the session when they recorded it.

Then, in 1957, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys covered the song and put it out as a single, where it became extremely popular all over the country and is the most well-known version of the track.

It’s been covered by plenty of other artists over the years, too, including Doc Watson and Billy Strings, but Sierra’s rendition here is something special:

The Foggy Mountain Boys singing it back in the day:

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