Oregon Football Is Reportedly Considering The Dumbest Idea Ever… Two Co-Head Coaches?

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Amongst this wild coaching carousel we’ve seen over the past couple weeks, one that has flown under the radar is former Oregon head football coach Mario Cristobal taking the Miami job, in place of Manny Diaz.

Now you would think, considering the solid success the Ducks have had over the past decade, they wouldn’t have an issue hiring a head coach from outside the program…

And they definitely don’t.

However, one of the ideas they’re throwing out there may be the dumbest idea I’ve heard since Chia Pets.

One of the top coaching candidates for the Oregon job is Chip Kelly, the Ducks’ former head coach who led them to an astounding run between 2009 to 2012 before he took the head coaching job for the Philadelphia Eagles, then going to UCLA.

Although he hasn’t seen hardly any success at UCLA, it’s hard not to bring back a guy who brought the school their best stretch of football in program history.

Okay, and then things get weird.

According to Oregonian columnist John Canzano, Oregon is not only considering bringing in Kelly, but a CO-HEAD COACH as well.

And believe it or not, Canzano says that Oregon can convince another PAC-12 coach to join Kelly as well.

I mean c’mon, there’s no way, NO WAY they believe this actually could work.

There’s always enough head butting as there is in a full room of football coaches, but to bring in two co-head coaches?

That’s borderline insane. They won’t be able to agree on hardly anything.

Then again, I never made it past flag football after the age of nine so what do I know. But something tells me (common sense) that this is an awful idea.

I highly doubt this actually goes through, but ya never know.

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