Muscadine Bloodline Releases “Dispatch To 16th Ave” Live From A Firehouse

Muscadine Bloodline man… they just get better and better.

A few weeks ago the boys from Alabama released a dismantling of Music Row and the Nashville industry with “Dispatch To 16th Ave,” as well as a killer acoustic version.

Now they’re back with a full band recording live from the Nolensville Fire Department outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Somehow this song gets better and catchier every time I hear it. And some of those lines, man, it’s top level stuff.

“Damn shame to see another good one go
Like a whipped dog walking with his tail hung low.”

“There’s a few of us hanging round
Yeah, maybe we missed the train
There’s a lotta folks holding tight
Till they might come back someday.”

Can you imagine showing up for a shift at the firehouse and the Muscadine boys are absolutely lighting it up?

I would bet a few of those Highwaymen are smiling down from above.

Couldn’t help myself… enjoy the music!

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock