Hailey Whitters Teases Another Fantastic New Song, “Everything She Ain’t”

Hailey Whitters country music

I’m completely convinced that Hailey Whitters can’t write a bad song.

She’s teasing another new one today called “Everything She Ain’t,” and much like some of the other ones she’s been teasing lately, I think we can go ahead and put it on the next record.

It’s about how Hailey feels like she’s the better option for a guy she likes, and while the girl he’s actually dating is pretty and has some good qualities, Hailey has all of that and more:

“She ain’t a peach you oughta be pickin’,
She ain’t the cup of tea you oughta be sippin’,
She treats like your broke, like you need fixin’,
You ain’t gettin’ nothin back from all that you’re givin’,
If you’re good with you you’re kissin’, c’est la vie,
But I can show you what you’re missin’,
Yeah boy I can be,

The whiskey in your soda, the lime to your corona,
Shotgun in your Tacoma, the Audrey to your Hank,
She’s got a little style, and a Hollywood smile,
But believe me honey, there’s money in the bank,
I’m everything she is and everything she ain’t.”

This will come as no surprise, but this one gets a big fat “yay” from me:

“New song alert… yay or nay?”


new song alert.. yay or nay? 💞 #newsong #songwritersoftiktok #fypシ

♬ original sound – Hailey

If you’re not familiar with her music yet, Hailey’s one of the best up and coming artists in all of Nashville right now, and she recently announced her first headlining Heartland tour.

One of the other songs she’s teased for a (hopefully) upcoming album sometime next year is called “Boys Back Home”:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock