Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: Rip, Walker, & Lloyd Engage In “Cowboy Combat”

Here we go, we have Yellowstone “Stories from the Bunkhouse” episode 26 coming your way.

Here’s a little rundown.

They kick things off with Summer and Beth’s square down in the kitchen a Beth wields a knife, with John in the background watching in horror.

Jefferson White (Jimmy) talks about how strange of a situation John is in:

“For John it’s like, to have this sort of strange, unexpected kinship in the last place he’d expect, ya know someone whose ideology seems kind of so diametrically opposed to his own.

I think that says something about John’s curiosity, John’s compassion.”

The three then talk about Summer’s courage to actually be confident enough to walk into the Dutton house and say that she’s vegan.

White then talks about how lonely it is for Jimmy to be in a room by himself in Texas, and how the hard work is the only way he can keep his mind off of the shame and heartbreak from leaving Yellowstone ranch and Mia.

They then talk about the growing relationship between Teeter and Colby.

Then they discuss who does what if the two move in together…

And they all basically agreed that Colby would be doing the cooking, and the laundry, and Teeter would be the one who stocks the beer, takes out the trash, mows the lawn, and gets the rats out.

They then transition to Jamie and his fathers meeting, once Jamie realizes that his biological father played a part in the Dutton family attacks.

“Jamie finds Garrett, confronts him with a gun, and says ‘you’re under arrest you’re going in right now,’ and Garrett basically has to talk his way out of it.”

Denim Richards (Colby) adds:

“He just wants love so badly, and it’s like anybody that just tells you you mean something, or you’re worth something, he just doesn’t know. He just loses all sense of self.”

White then talks about the introduction to Garrett, and how evolves into this evil mastermind:

“Our introduction to Garrett, we’ve slowly kind of gotten to know him better, and kind of broken past the first few layers, and this scene is where we’re like, ‘Oh, he’s a mastermind.'”

Richards also says:

“And to see that he can do that, at like the highest stakes, to have a gun pointed at you and to be able to disarm somebody, it’s like oh, you know how to do this.”

It then transitions to the fight between Lloyd and Walker, which ends with Walker getting stabbed by Lloyd.

Richards says:

“In the bunkhouse, it’s so confined, when something happens the stakes are super high. Even smashing a guitar… fragments going everywhere, and you’re like restraining someone.”

They then discuss how Walker and Lloyd fight it out to bring an end to the bickering for all.

Check it out:

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