Long Island Diner Waitress Kicks Out A**hole Customer For Being A Creep To Young Girls

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It blows my mind that there are some people who are so miserable in their lives, that they feel the need to go out to public places and degrade others just for… what? “Fun?”

I mean seriously, what kind of sicko gets enjoyment out of this nonsense?

A recent TikTok has gone viral of a waitress at Long Island’s Massapequa Diner, absolutely ending a creep’s career after witnesses say he was trying to give his number to underaged girls, made some homophobic comments, and even called his server a “bitch.”

According to the New York Post, he was accused of “staring at, and trying to solicit his phone number” to a few underage girls, before he went on the homophobic rant at the restaurant around 11 PM on Saturday night, according to Louis Cozzolino, who shot the cell phone footage.

After he was told to move far away from the girls, the waitress, named Sondra Albert, told the creep to hit the road for his disgusting actions.

Cozzolino said:

“He was being repeatedly rude, calling her a bitch. Sondra is the nicest person ever and for her to get like that, I knew the guy was a prick.”

In the video, you can hear Albert say:

“Honestly, nobody wants to wait on you, we’re asking very nicely so please just leave.

You’re not going to call me a bitch, you’re not going to sit near my boss’s wife, you’re not going to call people a lesbian– you sure as hell ain’t going to look at underage girls.”

He responded:

“I don’t want to look at underage girls.”

She continued:

“You’re a pedophile and freak and you deserve to be locked up in Bellevue. And that’s all I gotta say and I’m asking you nicely.”


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Good for you miss Sondra, let ’em know.

A second video also surfaced, and the heated exchange continued:

“I’ll kick your ass… you don’t frighten me for one minute. The way you speak about people who are lesbians and young children.”

“Oh you’re so frigging full of sh*t! Tell it to somebody who cares, you’re not wanted here.”

The man then tried to play the victim, arguing that she had a bias against him and said she refused to serve him for no reason.

She then said:

“I didn’t want to serve you for no reason? Did you take a good look in the mirror?”


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After the police were called, the man was sure to scurry on outta there before they arrived.

Matthew Lettieri, 27, also weighed in on the wild altercation:

“I often go to the Massapequa Diner and I’ve never seen anybody get shouted at or thrown out.

I was just there the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a late-night meal and they couldn’t have been more friendly, even to all the inebriated customers who came in after a long night out.”

I’m reminded of the old quote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Well, shoutout to this waitress… she did something.

The TikTok videos wracked up over 7 million and 670,000 views as of this morning.

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