Kat Hasty Teases Unreleased Prequel To “Where The Wildflowers Lay”

Kat Hasty

Kat Hasty is really out here “burnin’ it down” with her music…

No pun intended.

Alright that’s a bad joke, but seriously, it really is incredible to see what Hasty can do with just an acoustic guitar and a voice of gold.

Her latest song “Bleed For You” shared a sense of relatability to all of us, remind us of that person who we tend to always go back to, no matter how much they’ve hurt us in the past.

But after this latest teaser she just dropped, it looks like we have yet another great one in the works.

Back in September, she tweeted out that she was working on a prequel to “Where the Wildflowers Lay,” a song about a guy who warns her not to fall for him so quickly, because he admits that he won’t stay around for long.

And sure enough, she stayed true to her word.

She released a two-minute clip of her playing the song, and it’s the ultimate middle finger to the man who stole her heart and hung her out to dry.

She makes her message loud and clear in the lyrics:

“Don’t call me if you miss me
Don’t call me just to kiss me
Honey if you’re listening, I did all that I can..”

Then she hits us with one of the hardest lines I’ve heard in a hot minute:

“Turns out you just can’t make a kid, love you like a man…”

Drop it Kat, drop it right now.

“Where The Wildflowers Lay”

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