Wild Fight Breaks Out Between Canadian Football League Players & Opposing Fan (Dork) Wearing A Cape

CFL fight

Although we’ve seen a ton of fights break out amongst fans at NFL games this year, we haven’t heard much from the Canadian Football League.

Until now…

And this story is absolutely WILD.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats squared off against the Toronto Argonauts yesterday for a semifinals game, and according to Sportsnet, a fight broke out between a Hamilton fan and a Toronto defensive back Chris Edwards.


Video footage went viral, showing Edwards punching the fan after the players began to make their way up into the stands. I’m not exactly sure where the locker room is located, but it’s wild to think players are that close to fans. Police said the fans jumped the barrier but it looks like the players are seen climbing up into the stands. Hard to say…

We see a handful of players, including Edwards, go up onto the concourse to find a fan that allegedly spit his beer at him. He find eventually finds this bozo in a cape, who looks to be every bit of 5 foot five.

The fan then shoves Edwards, and that’s when he returns fire with a wild haymaker that the fan appeared to avoid. With the help of wide receiver Dejon Brissett, the man was subdued until he was taken away by security.

It continued to get rowdy, as Hamilton fans continued to heckle the players as they made their way to a separate room away from everybody.

The CFL and police are investigating the situation:

“The Toronto Argonauts, in conjunction with MLSE security, the CFL league office and local police, are investigating a post-game incident involving team personnel and visiting fans.

The club will issue a statement once the investigation is complete and any outcomes are determined.”

The Tiger-Cats defeated the Argonauts 27-19 to advance to the Grey Cup, and will face off against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on December 12.

You have to imagine a suspension is coming, but it looks like Edwards won’t be making any friends anytime soon…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock