Tommy Fury Is Officially Out, Tyron Woodley Will Rematch Jake Paul Next Weekend

Tyron Woodley with tattoos

Whelp, it’s official.

After all of the shit talk coming from Tommy Fury’s father, and even Tommy himself, he’s officially backed out of the fight with Jake Paul that was supposed to happen on December 18th in Tampa.

Of course, it was rumored that Tommy was severely injured while training for the fight, and if that’s true, he’s gotta decent excuse.

However, we do have a badass replacement for Tommy though.

According to SportsCenter, former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley will take Fury’s place, in a rematch after Paul defeated him back in August.

Needless to say, Woodley has been foaming at the mouth after Paul proved the doubters wrong by defeating him.

Ya know, there were a bunch of rumors that Woodley didn’t even try to win and was just trying to secure a bag, and even said the fight was rigged.

I highly doubt it, as Woodley had to get “I Love Jake Paul” tattooed on him.

However, Paul is asking Woodley to give him his best shot this time around, and even said he’ll pay him an additional $500,000 if he can knock him out.

Hold your horses folks, this has a legendary match written all over it.

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