Tommy Fury Expected To Back Out Of Jake Paul Fight Due To Injury

Jake Paul Tommy Fury

Remember this Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight that’s supposed to happen?

Well, looks like it’s not happening…

Paul and Tommy Fury, the younger brother famed British boxer Tyson Fury, were set to fight at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, on December 18th.

However, Paul has heard from multiple sources that Fury is more than likely going to drop out of the fight.

According to SunSport, they noted that the fight is extremely doubtful, as it’s believed Fury is either injured or sick.

Here’s the scoop:

Promotor Frank Warren noted that Fury has had a “bad cold” recently through his trainings.

He said:

“Tommy had a little bit of a cold but hopefully he is going to be okay.

We are up in Morecambe (on Wednesday) so hopefully we will know more then, but he is up for it and he wants to fight.

He can’t wait for the fight and I know certainly from Jake’s perspective he can’t wait for the fight.”

Tommy (22) has been training in Morecambe with his older brother Tyson and father John, with his dad making some outrageous comments about his youngest son beating Jake Paul at a press conference last month.

He said his son would bend Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose over, and do her “like a dog.”

Needless to say, the comments caused an apology from BT Sport.

However, in the event that Fury can’t fight, the rumor mill has suspected that Tyron Woodley could take his spot, and we’ll get the rematch between him and Paul we’ve all been waiting for after.

Stay tuned…

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