The Weather In Buffalo For Monday Night Football Is INSANE, Wind Gusts Up To 60 MPH

Buffalo Bills

It’s December in Buffalo, so that means one thing…

Bitter cold temperatures, a shit ton of snow, and gale force winds that’ll knock you on your ass after you’ve had a few too many cold beers.

That’s exactly what mother nature dialed up tonight at Highmark Stadium for Monday Night Football, with the Bills taking on the Patriots.

Tonight’s weather is a brisk 35 degrees, with snow and steady 27 mph winds. Not to mention, a wind chill of 25 degrees and gusts up to 60 MPH.

Now I gotta say, I feel sorry for the fans who’ve decided to endure these conditions, but if anyone is built for it, it’s the Bills Mafia. And, New England knows their way around a snow storm as well.

Nothing a few cold beers can’t fix… but really, I can’t wait to see how this kind of weather affects the players.

Just look at this. Bills kicker Tyler Bass, one of the best legs in the game right now, kicking a 34-yard field goal that goes a country mile right after the wind gets a hold of it.

Yeah, good luck with that…

And don’t piss outside in this garbage, it might come back and hit you in the face.

Let’s get it going.

I’m taking the under…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock