Slade Coulter Delivers A Soul Searching Ballad With New Single, “Hang Me Out To Dry”

Andrew Quinn

Slade Coulter people… write down the name.

The man is on his way to becoming household name in the Texas country rock scene.

Slade can put out a country rocker with the best of them. The two singles he released earlier this year, “Hey Mary” and “Coming Back Around,” prove that, but this new one shows just how versatile he can be.

Titled “Hang Me Out to Dry,” it’s a soul searching ballad that brings a ton of relatability to anyone who’s ever struggled to jump ship on a relationship, knowing deep down that it’ll benefit them in the long run.

In an exclusive premiere with Whiskey Riff, Slade weighed in on the new song, and what it means to him:

“’Hang Me Out to Dry’ is a ballad I wrote with my good friend, Dalton Domino. It’s about having trouble accepting what is right, which is something I’ve struggled with in the past.

I think there’s a lot of people that have been stuck in a relationship or any situation because it’s comfortable. What’s right and what’s comfortable are often very different things and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish.

Even when it is distinguishable, it’s never an easy thing to push yourself out of your comfort zone for the sake of bettering yourself, and that’s something I think everyone can relate to.”

Hear it here first:

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