John R. Miller Releases Barbershop Session Performance Of “Shenandoah Shakedown”

Saying John R. Miller is a great singer-songwriter doesn’t come relatively close to capturing his depth.

A true wordsmith, a skilled guitar picker, and the insights of a Tibetan Monk’s Third Eye on an awakening psychedelic trip is closer to the truth.

While his songwriting ability is most impressive, a very close second is how freaking good he sounds playing and singing just about anywhere.

We first saw this in his Campfire Sessions, and more recently with the first of his Barbershop Sessions, and we now get to witness the greatness once again in another Barbershop Session performance.

“Shenandoah Shakedown” is the song this time and it’s just an epic performance. Take one look at some of these lyrics and you realize the guy is on another wavelength.

“There’s a crack in the altar
Pale light through the break
Like crooked teeth
And I couldn’t fault her
Knowing what was at stake
Nothing of underneath
And the hills move like lungs
The river speaks in tongues
And I am not alone.”

Woah. Just woah…

For my money, Depreciated is the record of the year and this song is leading the charge.

Give it a listen, tell a friend and appreciate the greatness.

There ain’t many, if any… like him.

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