Garth Brooks Sells Over 400,000 Tickets For Five Shows In Dublin, Ireland, Next Year

Garth Brooks country Music

If you ever thought that Garth Brooks wasn’t “Mr. Worldwide” (no, not Pitbull) of country music, then think again.

I mean seriously…

Yeah, we like to bust his balls a little bit here at Whiskey Riff, mainly because he’s just weirdly hilarious in interviews and also he’s a chronic crier, but there’s no looking past the fact that he’s one of the best entertainers the genre has ever seen.

He has seven CMA Entertainer of the Year awards to prove it.

And if you need further proof that the man is the most globally popular entertainer in country music, just look at his ticket sales for his shows in Dublin, Ireland, slated for September 9th though the 11th of next year, as well as the 16th and 17th.

The man sold over 400,000 tickets across five shows, a feat which he accomplished back in 2014 for his Comeback Tour in Dublin, which was canceled after the city declined to issue permits for two of the shows.

Needless to say, he’s stoked for the opportunity to play in front of 400,000:

“What was supposed to start it all, now is where it all ends.

I never dreamed we’d get the chance to try this again. I’m so grateful to all who made this happen.”

About 180,000 ticket buyers showed up for the chance to purchase tickets to the initial two shows. After 40 minutes, a third show was added. A fourth and fifth show were added an hour later.

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