Dad Loses His Mind After Daughter Tells Him She Paid $150 For Premium Air In Her Tires

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I gotta say, being a parent can be a rewarding, and brutally difficult, job sometimes.

And when I say brutally difficult, a part of it is includes their kid buying absolutely ridiculous things for no apparent reason.

I remember my friend’s older brother went online one time when he was eight-years-old, and had the bright idea to buy 1,000 orange golf tees using his dad’s credit card, simply because his favorite color was orange.

I can’t remember what the exact price was, but it was a lot of useless money, and his dad was irate.

Of course, that’s just an innocent example.

However, a video has gone viral of a British woman playing a prank on her dad, telling him she bought $150 worth of “premium air” for the tires in her car. She also mentioned that her dad owns a car showroom so it’s safe to assume he knows a thing or two about “premium air.”

And even if she was talking about nitrogen (she’s not), $150 bucks would be pretty steep. Costco does it for free (at least they used to, they might not anymore).

Needless to say, the father’s reaction was absolutely priceless.

Here’s how the convo went down:

He then proceeds to hang up, and was probably punching air in the car at the same time.

Absolute classic.

Turning the tables on the classic dad “Blinker Fluid” prank.

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