Throwback To Josh Abbott Band And Carly Pearce’s “Wasn’t That Drunk”

Man, this song is just incredible… and so fitting with today being the night before Thanksgiving.

Long before Carly Pearce’s incredible album, 29:Written In Stone, and even her debut album Every Little Thing… before her rise to national prominence as the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year, before she had any official releases at all, she joined some band out of Texas for a duet.

Who’s were they? Oh, just some guys called the Josh Abbott Band

Yeah, Carly’s been a real one since day one.

They teamed up for an incredible, unique song called “Wasn’t That Drunk,” about two friends who meet up after a few years apart and decide to let the night go where it takes them, saying they could blame it on the alcohol if any mistakes are made.

But inside, both of them are hoping the other doesn’t wake up and regret it, because it wasn’t the wine that made them lean in for that kiss…

“I know we were laughing saying whatever happens
We can blame it on the wine when the sun comes up
If you’re thinking it’s because we were drinking
Well that don’t mean that it don’t mean much
Cause it did and it does
The truth of it is
I wasn’t that drunk.”

I need some more Josh Abbott and Carly Pearce in my life, their voices just work so well together.

For all those about to drunk text their hometown crush, or God forbid their ex tonight, make sure you’re both on the same page…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock