Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Donating $1,000 To 20 Different Animal Shelters Across The Country

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Miranda Lambert is already in the giving spirit this year.

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow and the holiday season officially upon us, she’s finding ways to give back through her foundation, MuttNation, and support local animal shelters across the country.

They’re planning to give away $1,000 to 20 different animal shelters all over the United States, which is huge considering how badly most local shelters need money to support all the great work they do on a daily basis:

“Have you ADOPTED or FOSTERED an animal since Feb. 1, 2021? Have you VOLUNTEERED at your local shelter? If so, we’d first like to THANK YOU for your part in improving the lives of shelter pets, especially during this particularly difficult year.

MuttNation wants to amplify the good work you are already doing within your communities by offering a $1,000 grant to 20 animal shelters across the country.

And if you haven’t fostered, adopted, or volunteered yet, there’s still time!! Volunteer on or before Jan. 30, 2022 to be eligible to enter!

Winners will also receive an autographed Miranda Lambert CD.”

And, if you know anything about Miranda, you know just how important dog shelters and rescuers are to her… she has eight dogs, five cats, five horses, and two rabbits of her own at her farm in Tennessee:

“People who take time to help dogs in any way are the biggest heroes to me. To support up the amazing work y’all do in your hometown shelters, @MuttNation’s giving a $1,000 grant to 20 shelters y’all worked with. Enter to win for your shelter at muttnation.com/sharethelove.”

You love to see it any time, but especially this time of the year it’s nice to read stories like this and remember what all the holiday’s are really about:

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