Hailey Whitters Teases Unreleased New Song, “Boys Back Home”

Hailey Whitters country music

Hailey Whitters does not miss.

It’s been over a year since she released her fantastic album, The Dream, in early 2020. Then, in February of this year, she released a deluxe version called Living The Dream that included more great songs like “How Far Can It Go?” with Trisha Yearwood.

And ever since then, I’ve been patiently waiting for more from her.

She’s one of the best up and coming artists in all of Nashville right now. A native of Iowa, she sings a lot about her experiences growing up in the heartland and how that translates into her life as an adult.

Today, she’s debuting a new one called “Boys Back Home” and, shocker… it’s great.

She reminisces on the good times she had with boys she knew back in high school, and it’s a nostalgic take on things a lot of us experienced in our hometown, like Friday nights driving around town, first kisses, and realizing as an adult just how special it all was:

“They drive me around on those Friday nights
And they taught me to kiss 
And they taught me to cry
When I think about all of the men that I’ve known
There ain’t none like they boys back home

I left that town and we all grew up
Sometimes I still miss that girl that I was
When I was a shotgun seat in their truck
Singing along to the radio”

So, yes, without question, this 100% needs to go on the next record, Hailey:

“Tag one of them ‘boys back home’ if you think I should put this song on my next record.”

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