Whitetail Buck Breaks Into Tennessee Elementary School Classroom

A deer standing in a room

Whitetail buck deer, munchin’ on…crayons?

This past Saturday was the first day of hunting season in Tennessee, and one buck apparently tried to outsmart the hunters by going back to school.

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Officer Kaleb Stratton was sent to Westside Elementary School in Springfield, Tennessee this morning after a teacher arrived at school and found the surprise student roaming around the classroom.

The buck, estimated to be between 2.5 and 3.5 years old, apparently managed to break his way into the school through an emergency exit before finding himself trapped in the classroom.

Stratton arrived at the school and was able to lead the deer to an exit.

The deer didn’t do any damage to the classroom (other than some overturned desks and chairs) but Rudolph did leave behind some early Christmas presents on the floor…

Probably not the worst thing an elementary school teacher has had to clean up, to be honest.

The deer had a small scrape on its back but was otherwise unharmed. It was also missing an antler, but Stratton said that there was no sign the antler was lost during the break-in.

According to Stratton, it’s lucky that the deer was discovered and removed before the school filled up, since it’s mating season and deer tend to be more aggressive during the rut:

“Bucks can be really crazy around this time of of year.

They’re not trying to be mean. They’re just wild animals.”

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