Oklahoma Woman Was Kicked Out Of Church After Members Mistook Her Cilantro For Weed


Y’all better stop smokin’ the devil’s cilantro now…

According to News18, a woman named Ashley Ontiveros was kicked out of Redemption United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, after they confused her cilantro for marijuana. The wild instance occurred on November 14th, when a video went viral on TikTok.

The heads of the church accused her of bringing “drugs” to the congregation, even though she told them many times it was simply cilantro that she was using for her Mexican soup.

The church provides worship services for inmates, however friends and family members of the inmates are allowed to attend as well. The woman was visiting her sister who is currently incarcerated.

In the video you can see Ontiveros crying outside of the church, as nobody would let her in after the miscommunication. You can also see members of the church confronting her about bringing “weed,” even though she constantly pleaded that it was simply cilantro.

She captioned the video:

“They didn’t even let me explain! They astronomically just accused me!!”

You can hear her say in the video:

“Smell it, I promise you. I’m not like that, that’s why I’m so mad.”



They didn’t even let me explain! They automatically just accused me!! Not looking for people to feel bad for us just wanted to share! #Fyp

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The situation was investigated by police, and shocker… it was cilantro and not weed.

Church authorities then later issued a statement, saying that it wasn’t about the cilantro, it was about bringing food to the church which provides a sermon for inmates. They claim that the inmates are not allowed to have outside food:


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