Henry Ruggs Ordered To 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring After Missing Alcohol Test

Henry Ruggs

Last week, we got the news that Henry Ruggs III was ordered to court today after missing an alcohol breath test.

After his meeting in court today, the judge announced that he’ll not have to return to jail (lucky), but will have to go 24/7 alcohol monitoring, according to TMZ.

The judge ordered that Ruggs must wear an ankle device that monitors the amount of alcohol levels in his skin, whereas previously, he was testing with a handheld device before.

The former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver was involved in fiery car wreck on November 2nd, which resulted in the death of a woman and her dog after he was traveling at a speed of 156 mph, and over two times the legal limit.

He is facing charges of DUI resulting in death, reckless driving charges, as well a weapons charge. If convicted with the maximum sentencing, he could be looking at over 50 years in prison.

Last time we saw him, he was in a neck brace and wheelchair, but he appeared to be fully recovered as he stood in court today.

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