COMEBACK ALERT: Tiger Woods Is Hitting Golf Balls Again

Tiger Woods golf


I don’t think you could make a movie script better than this.

Tiger Woods has seen the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows in his extensive golf career.

The man has faced numerous setbacks that you think would put him out of the game forever, but there’s just no quit in the man.

Earlier this year, we got the news that Tiger had been involved in a horrible car wreck, as his car flipped over railing along the side of the road in Los Angeles.

The wreck resulted in multiple leg fractures, and after all of the injuries his body has gone through over the years, we really thought this may be the end of Tiger Woods’ golf career.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

A video went viral today of the man hitting absolute flush rockets on the driving range, with his swing looking as good as ever.

Now he hasn’t officially announced a timetable for return, but this is awesome to see.

What better way to cap his golf career by surviving a horrible car wreck with horrible injuries, and coming back to win another major championship?

I’m here for it.

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