Riley Green Brings Little Fan On Stage To Sing “Different ‘Round Here,” And Once Again, She Stole The Show

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This is the kind of stuff that reminds me why I love country music.

If you remember back in June, Riley Green was playing a show at Choctaw Grand Theater in Durant, Oklahoma, when he pulled Alivia up on stage to sing “Different ‘Round Here” with him.

That show in Oklahoma was actually her very first concert, and she absolutely crushed it, unfazed being up on stage in front of thousands of people and singing her heart out.

Then, fast forward to this past Friday night and Riley’s show at the iconic Billy Bob’s Texas. Alivia’s aunt (who also took her to the first show), was bringing her to Billy Bob’s for another concert.

She posted a photo from Alivia on stage with Riley before, and noted that they were hoping he’d see her in the crowd again and remember her.

Of course, after what happened at the other show, Alivia’s become a huge fan of Riley:

“Taking sweet Alivia to see @rileyduckman Friday at Billy Bob’s….she’s so excited to see him again after getting to sing with him at her first concert!

Hoping we can get her somewhat close to see if he remembers her! She’s obsessed!”

And, her wish came true, because she ended up getting to meet him again backstage AND he had her back to sing “Different ‘Round Here” for the crowd at Billy Bob’s.

Riley introduced her to the Texas crowd, saying:

“So I was singing this song, and I saw her in the front row and she was singin’ every word to everything. And so I was like, ‘Do you want to come up?’

And she just jumped up on the stage and took the guitar, took the mic, and stole the show. And she told me she was coming tonight.”

Of course, she absolutely crushed it again, and took the stage like there wasn’t a thing to it. All of these moments will become such special memories for her one day, and Riley better be careful bringing her on stage again, because Alivia knows how to steal a show.

Her aunt took to Instagram to post a video of them singing together, and it’s definitely the cutest thing you’ll watch all day:

“Alivia did it again!! Thank you @rileyduckman for an incredible night yet again! From the meet and greets to asking her to sing with you again! You have fans for life!

Thank you to Riley’s team as well for making it all happen! I think we have a future superstar in the making!”

You absolutely love to see it:

“Different ‘Round Here”

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