Oklahoma State College Kid Harvests Massive Whitetail Buck A Few Miles From Campus

A person holding a deer

Absolute UNIT.

Oklahoma State student Cort Travis recently harvested the buck of a lifetime, just a few miles away from campus.

According to Yahoo, Travis got permission from his landlord to hunt on an 80-acre piece of land back in September for dove season. But when they started putting up trail cams on the property, they couldn’t believe all the big bucks they were seeing:

“Little did I know the amount of deer that were there or the caliber of deer. Within two weeks of having the camera out, I got about 12 to 15 bucks on camera, and he just showed up out of nowhere.

I couldn’t even believe we were getting pictures of a deer that size.”

So much so that Travis passed on a number of big bucks looking for this monster. Eventually, he found him:

“I wish I could say I patterned this deer and did all the right stuff and it was all because of everything I’ve done, but that’s not exactly how it happened.

It just so happens I was in the right place at the right time. Pretty lucky.”

Travis says he’ll have the buck mounted at Terry’s Taxidermy in Oklahoma City, but with his buck already in the bag this year, he’ll spend the rest of year mostly hunting ducks.

And as far as the landlord goes?

Her reward is some fresh deer meat:

“I got the meat. I picked it up yesterday… I am taking her a bunch of it.”

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