Jacob Stelly Will Have You Wondering Where It All Went Wrong With “Sweet Irene”

It’s time to put Jacob Stelly on your radar.

The man began to rapidly garner attention from country music fans, and music fans in general, last year during the pandemic, and let me tell ya, it’s easy to see that he has the tools to reach the highest stages in the music industry.

The Texas native already has an EP (University Heights), and four kickass singles to his name, and needless to say, he’s getting better and better with each one.

He’s also displayed incredible versatility in his music, and can hit all of the emotions.

Seriously, “Dark Side of the Moon” is slow-paced, crying in your beer on a Saturday night song, “Johnny Walker” is an upbeat country boot stomper, and “Bad Bad Things” goes 0-100, flipping a switch from a sweet and sappy love song, to an absolute banger.

And his latest single?

It’s titled “Sweet Irene.”

The song quickly grabs your attention with piano melody, but once that chorus hits, he’ll have you wondering what in the hell you did wrong in a past relationship to lose that significant other…

“Sweet Irene
What did you mean
When you told me that I’m not the one you prayed for…”

Getcha feelin’ some kinda something….

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock