Hear Chris Stapleton & Adele Team Up For Bonus Version Of “Easy On Me”


I mean, we already knew…

As soon as we saw “Adele featuring Chris Stapleton” on the tracklist, we already knew it was gonna be fire.

But Adele and Chris didn’t have to go this hard.

Set to hit country radio, the Chris Stapleton version of Adele’s smash single “Easy On Me” is a Target exclusive, meaning that you have to buy the deluxe edition of her new 30 album from Target to get your hands on it.

However… we managed to find it in the deepest caverns of the internet.

As two of the best vocalists in the game right now, this collaboration is just a match made in Heaven. I think some folks were expecting Chris to take the lead on a whole verse, and I won’t argue that it would’ve been great to hear, but Chris and Adele compliment each other SO well, sometimes less is more.

I don’t know if CMT is still doing that whole CMT Crossroads thing, but if Chris and Adele aren’t on the shortlist, you might as well shut the whole thing down.

Hand ’em a blank check and call it a day.

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