Shane Smith & The Saints Release Live Acoustic Cover Of “Pancho & Lefty” And Shocker, It’s Awesome

Shane Smith & The Saints have put together a heck of a career for themselves despite seeming to still be pretty under the radar.

Since their Debut Album in 2013, Coast, they’ve been in what I call the “John Prine Category” – meaning they’re probably a favorite of your favorite artist, even if you’re not familiar with their work.

I’m still going back and listening to albums and songs I’d never heard and honestly should have made this a point of emphasis much sooner…

Anyway, they recently released an album titled Live From The Desert, which is a collection of live recordings made in various places around the desert of Terlingua, Texas.

All but one of the songs are new versions of their own, but the one cover is a fantastic one.

Pancho & Lefty

Written by the great Townes Van Zandt and made famous by the (also great) Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, the song is a staple for any traditional country music fan.

In what looks to be a church, Shane Smith & The Saints recorded an absolutely beautiful rendition of the classic, the echoes of the strings hanging in the air while Shane’s voice just booms.

Truly fantastic and a great change on the typical beat of the song. Maybe it should have been slower this whole time…

Crank it up and give the rest a listen, because they’re all phenomenal.

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