Parker McCollum Drops Live Performance Video For “Falling Apart”

Parker McCollum has been setting trails ablaze here lately.

The man has garnered an insanely big fan base over the past year, and it’s only growing, especially after the release of his first major label album, Gold Chain Cowboy.

Needless to say, Parker has been stoked playing all of the songs at his latest shows:

“Touring for Gold Chain Cowboy has been the highlight of my year. Being able to see the fans has been amazing and to know that so many of my shows have been sold out is incredible. 

All I’ve ever wanted to do is play music and I wanted this video to show the energy at my shows and what you get when you come out to see me play.  I love seeing my fans out on the road!”

There’s a number of solid songs on the record, including some fan favorites he’s played at past shows, and some not.

One song that sticks out in particular is “Falling Apart,” a song co-written by two stars in their own rights, Miranda Lambert and his producer Jon Randall.

The one thing that really caught my ear about the song, is that it kind of has an ’80s classic rock feel, similar to the likes of iconic southern rock band .38 Special.

To my surprise, that was Parker and Jon’s intention behind the song the whole time.

As Parker recalled:

“I wasn’t sure how or where it would fit on the record, and it just so happened that Jon was jamming some .38 Special on his guitar and I said, ‘Dude, why does nobody ever cut songs like this anymore?’

Jon replied, ‘I don’t know, but lets fuckin’ do it!’

We literally went into the studio and cut a .38 Special rip-off track with ‘Falling Apart.'”

Needless to say, the song hits different for all the right reasons.

And now, he’s released a live performance video of the song from Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, Texas, rocking out in front of a ginormous crowd of 20,000.

Check it out:

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