NFL Players React To Horrifying Video Of Former RB Zac Stacy Brutally Beating His Ex-Girlfriend

Zac Stacy wearing a uniform
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This is absolutely disgusting.

Video surveillance has recently surfaced of former NFL running back Zac Stacy, punching his ex-girlfriend multiple times, throwing her into the TV, and then body slamming her into their five-month-old baby’s bouncy chair.

Not to mention, the five month old was watching the whole time.

WARNING: the footage is very disturbing…

According to TMZ, the crime occurred at the 30-year-old’s ex-girlfriend’s home.

She says that the former NFL running back came over to the house around 2 PM Saturday to see his son. While he was there, she says that he went into a violent, jealous rage.

She said:

“He punched me several times in the head! I begged him to stop because the baby was on the couch just a few feet from where he punched me.

He then picked me up and threw me into my TV. The TV began to fall and he turned to make sure I wasn’t getting up. As I laid on the floor he began to yell at me, telling me I’m destructive.

He then picked me up off the floor and off my feet and body slammed me into our son’s bouncy seat.”

She reportedly filed for a restraining order Monday, for her and her son.

This is absolutely sickening… as a blogger, I see all kinds of shit on the internet, but I can confidently say this might be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Needless to say, many current and former NFL players are calling for Stacy’s head, and I think Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams got it right… bury him under the jail.

UFC Fighter Uriah Hall might like a word with him as well…

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