Taylor Swift Fans Leave Hilarious Reviews After Playing ‘Red’ At The Wrong Speed: “Sounds Like A Man”

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Taylor Swift has broken the internet, Spotify, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s spirits with the release of her new album, Red (Taylor’s Version).

Featuring a duet with Chris Stapleton and a 10-minute version of fan favorite “All Too Well,” not to mention cinematic music videos starring Miles Teller and Sadie Sink, Taylor has once again proved that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

However, for Taylor Swift fans, another force to be reckoned with… figuring out how to play a vinyl record.

A ton of Swifties can’t figure out why their new Red (Taylor’s Version) records sound like this…

And the most sought-after copies are the limited-edition red-colored 4-disc set available only at Target.

Needless to say, Target shoppers were VERY confused…

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Excuse me for one second…


Of course, there’s a very simple explanation for all of this…

Red (Taylor’s Version) was pressed to be played at 45rpm, not 33 and 1/2rpm… all you need to do is flip a switch on your record player that changes the speed. When you play the record slower than it’s supposed to, it sounds deeper, slower, and… more like a man.

Bless their hearts…

Also… this.


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