Rock Band, Brass Against, Banned By NASCAR After Lead Singer Pees On Fan During Show At Daytona

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I don’t even know where to start with this one.

I had never even heard of the rock band Brass Against until this weekend. Apparently they’re a brass band that performs cover versions of classic punk rock and heavy metal songs. They call it “Horny Metal” in their Twitter bio.

And I gotta admit, their stuff’s actually not bad.

The band’s lead singer is Sophia Urista, a former contestant on season 11 of The Voice back in 2016, who competed on Team Miley Cyrus.

Well Brass Against made some major headlines this weekend after pissing off (and on) some fans during a show at Daytona.

Yeah, it turns out Urista actually pulled down her pants and peed on a fan’s face.

The incident happened during the band’s performance at Welcome to Rockville, a rock festival held at Daytona International Speedway featuring headliners like Nine Inch Nails, Metallica and Disturbed.

In videos from the show, Urista can be heard telling the crowd how bad she has to pee and talking about how she has a “fantasy” about pissing in somebody’s mouth as the crowd (for some odd reason) cheers her on.

She finds a willing subject (because drunk people are willing to do fucking anything I guess) and brings him up on stage as she’s singing Rage Against the Machine’s “Wake Up.”

The dude then lays down on the stage and Urista drops her pants and just pisses all over the guy’s face. Like, a ton of piss. (I’m not going to include the actual video. You can find that all over Twitter yourself if you’re into that).

Now, a couple things that are important to note: 1) The guy is clearly fucking loving it. He even gets up and fistpumps after his golden shower like it was the best moment of his fucking life. But 2) Did NOBODY in the band ever once stop to think, “Hey, maybe this isn’t the best idea to just let her drop trou and PISS ALL OVER A FAN ON STAGE?

I can’t even tell you how pissed (no pun intended) I would be if I went to a concert and got peed on, even unintentionally. I’m as big of an Eric Church fan as there is, but if he whipped it out and peed on me during a show I probably wouldn’t be back for the next tour.

And how does that dude just go back into the crowd after that? Do you just walk back to your spot soaked in piss and join your friends to watch the rest of the show that’s being put on by a woman who just peed all over you in front of thousands of people?

Because if that’s my friend I’m sure as shit not letting Dave just come stand beside me soaked in pee like nothing ever happened. How do you recover from that if you’re that guy?

But anyway, I digress.

The band apologized for the incident after the show, saying that Urista “got carried away” and that it’s not something fans should expect to see at the rest of their shows (I would hope that’s not like their signature move or something because, gross).

The band also said that Urista cleaned up the mess herself after the show, which I really hope is the case because like I said, that was a lot of pee and those poor stagehands sure as hell don’t get paid enough to deal with that shit (er, piss).

Urista also issued her own apology, saying that she’s “not a shock artist” and that she “always wants to put the music first.”

I mean, you had to know that the music would take a backseat to you standing over a guy’s face on stage and unloading your entire bladder into his mouth, right?

Well now NASCAR has even waded into the issue.

Daytona International Speedway was built back in 1959 by NASCAR founder Bill France, Sr. and is operated by NASCAR pursuant to an agreement with the city of Daytona.

And while I’m sure NASCAR fans have done their fair share of peeing in public (after a few tall boys at Talladega everything looks like a bathroom), and drivers have admitted to peeing in their firesuits during races, apparently the sport doesn’t want it happening on stage in front of fans and announced that Brass Against has been banned from all NASCAR venues.

In a statement from spokesman Russell Branham, the sport’s sanctioning body said:

“Daytona International Speedway doesn’t condone the inappropriate actions that took place during Thursday’s Welcome to Rockville event.

We are working with promoter Danny Wimmer Presents to address the issue. The band will not be included in future programming at NASCAR venues.”

Tough crowd.

You’ve gotta wonder though, did Urista learn that move from her former coach on The Voice? Because that 100% seems like something Miley Cyrus would do.

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