Muscadine Bloodline & Lainey Wilson’s “Pieces” Is Such An Underrated Heartbreaker

How did I not know this existed?

Like the rest of the world, I fell in love with Lainey Wilson when I heard her sophomore album Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin earlier this year but, while I’ve always loved Muscadine Bloodline’s “Porch Swing Angel” and have been absolutely digging “Dispatch To 16th Ave,” I’m admittedly not the most familiar with their catalogue.

Still, I would have assumed I’d have heard of the two of them having a song together. No luck…

(Editor’s note: “Pieces” was the Whiskey Riff Song of the Week last summer).

Just today this beautiful heartbreaker came to my attention and I’m kind of pissed it took this long.

Muscadine Bloodline released an EP in July of 2020 called Turn Back Time, and one of the four songs on the EP features none other than Lainey Wilson.

The song is called “Pieces” and my goodness is it too damn good.

It has very unique lyrical phrasing which immediately perks your ears up and Lainey does such a good job harmonizing with Charlie’s vocals to drive home the hurt.

“Guess you really love me to pieces for a reason
Tryna find the silver lining and seeing
Why does leavin’ lead to bleedin’?
Cut me deeper than the cracks in the ceiling
Wasn’t easy but I’m findin’ out them words can have a whole ‘nother meaning
Guess you really love me to pieces”

Certainly not your typical lyrical structure and I am here for it. I love when artists take chances on something new, we need more of it honestly.

And that bait and switch on the term “love me to pieces,” it’s just fantastic.

If you were like me and haven’t heard this one yet, grab a beer for your tears and let it rip.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock