Henry Ruggs III Missed Required Breath Test, Ordered To Appear In Court Monday

Henry Ruggs

Some more breaking news from the Henry Ruggs III case.

Ruggs is, of course, facing numerous charges after his fiery DUI crash last month that left a young woman, Tina Tintor, and her dog dead.

He was said to be traveling at over 150 mph before the crash, and had a blood alcohol level of .161, twice the legal limit of .08.

Since his arrest, Ruggs has been out on a $150,000 bond. As a condition of his bond, he’s also required to remain on house arrest and he has to submit to alcohol testing several times a day.

But according to TMZ, Ruggs was just ordered to court next Monday after the judge in his case stated that Ruggs missed a required breath test.

His attorneys were in court today over a separate matter. After the hearing, the judge then notified Ruggs’ attorneys that he had not submitted a breath test that was due earlier this month.

His attorney David Chesnoff discussed the missed test, and had this to say:

“He’s been dutiful. Completely dutiful.”

The judge dismissed the statement, noting:

“It doesn’t matter. He still missed it so I would like to see your client.”

The court hearing next Monday will be the first time Ruggs has been seen in public since the day after his horrible crash on November 2nd.

Ruggs is facing five charges, including four felonies, and could be looking at over 50 years behind bars if convicted.

Video has been released from before the crash, showing Ruggs speeding down the street seconds before crashing into Tintor.

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