Joe Rogan On Colin Kaepernick Comparing The NFL To Slavery: “What The F*ck Are You Talking About?”

Joe Rogan, Colin Kaepernick

Comedian, podcaster, UFC commentator, bowhunter, Aaron Rodgers medical consultant… Joe Rogan does it all these days.

And with arguably the most popular podcast in the entire world, Joe goes pretty viral, pretty often for his thoughts on everything from hunting and fighting, to politics, vaccines, celebrities, stand up comedy and more.

On a recent episode featuring the HILARIOUS Theo Von, Joe and Theo got to discussing the controversial new Netflix documentary about Colin Kaepernick.

Titled Colin In Black & White, there’s a scene in the documentary where Colin compares slavery to playing in the NFL.

Yeah, one of the most brutal and inhumane institutions in all of history, one that still runs rampant in many parts of the world today, and with a straight face, you’re going to compare it to making millions and millions of dollars to play a game with a ball? C’mon man…

And remember, Colin made $43 MILLION dollars on just his NFL salary alone.

Needless to say, Twitter DRAGGED him for it.

And Joe and Theo didn’t disagree.

Theo, referring to him as “Throwsa Parks,” (fucking hilarious) pointed out that these kind of pandering statements actually harm and undermine the real instances of racism that people face every day.

Joe in particular recalled the scene where Colin likened NFL owners and coaches to slave masters, comparing the combine to the auction block:

“He was measuring like wing spans and the combine scores, for weightlifting and speed and all that stuff… that’s to see how physically adept you are, how good you’re gonna be at football, so they’ll give you tons of money.

The idea that this is comparable to slavery… whoever fucking wrote that down and then the fact that he read it and said it. And then they had that video where they’re comparing the NFL owners to the slave masters, and they’re shaking hands with each other…

What the fuck are you talking about?”

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