Cam Newton Is Back In A Carolina Panthers Jersey, And It Feels Like 2016 Again

Cam Netwon NFL

It feels like 2016 all over again.

Not gonna lie, Cam Newton playing for the Caroline Panthers felt like a distant memory. A dream that felt like it didn’t really happen, but it happened.

I still remember when Newton was doing the “Superman” after scoring touchdowns, and dabbing on opposing players after he just ran them over (Yeah, I still remember when dabbing was cool).

Not to mention, he took the Panthers to a Super Bowl in 2016.

However, a few bad years with Carolina, and a dismal season with New England Patriots last year put the ageing quarterback out of a job this season…

Until this week.

The Panthers were at a wits end, as their season looked to be going down the drain after a horrible stretch of football, with their star running back Christian McCaffrey hurt, and once promising quarterback Sam Darnold who couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a football.

Then, Darnold got hurt, and they needed some QB depth…

And who’d they pick up?

Carolina’s one-time golden child… Cam Newton.

He suited up in a Panther jersey for the first time since 2019 against the Arizona Cardinals, and showed some flashes of his old self.

Although he only played a handful of snaps, the man was 3/4 passing for eight yards with one touchdown, and had three carries for 14 yards on the ground, adding another score.

Not to mention, he may have had the coldest touchdown celebration of the 2022 season…

After scoring his lone rushing touchdown, he yanked his helmet off, looked to the Arizona crowd, and yelled:


Stay tuned.

I gotta feeling we’re gonna see more of this from the man this year…

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