Budweiser Unveils New Holiday Cans & They Are GORGEOUS

A group of cans of beer

Christmas, dogs, beer…

There’s quite literally nothing better.

We all love a new beer can release… maybe it’s the different colors playing tricks with our minds, but something about it makes the beer go down a little bit smoother, you know? Taste a little bit better…

And with the holidays right around the corner, Budweiser is announcing their limited-edition Holiday cans.

And what’s gonna be on the cans, you may ask?

They’ll feature winter landscapes, the Budweiser Clydesdales, a Dalmatian puppy, and a plaid box designs that’s perfect for Christmas time.


Not to mention, the cans will feature last year’s winner of Budweiser’s “Pupweiser” contest, Wilson, an Ohio-based Saint Bernard.

I mean, you can’t beat that, c’mon now…

A dog with its mouth open

And on top of that, Budweiser is officially on the hunt for next year’s “Pupweiser” winner.

From November 15th to December 15th, you can enter your dog to win by commenting on Budweiser’s Facebook post, which begins tomorrow, November 16th.

Just send in a picture of your dog with #PupweiserContest, simple as that.

Budweiser will also be donating $1 for every entry up to $25,000 to the ASPCA, a non-profit that works to prevent animal cruelty.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock