Remember That Illinois Buck Filmed Walking Around With An Insanely Large Wound?

Illinois Buck

WARNING: this is pretty graphic.

If you’re squeamish, you might want to look away…

Last fall, a trail cam in Southern Illinois captured some footage that even the most experienced hunters and outdoorsmen cannot comprehend.

How the hell is this thing still walking around like that?

The video shows a whitetail buck with an insanely large wound across its back, so much so that you can see his shoulder blade rocking back and forth as he walks. Organs appear to be exposed… it’s a miracle he’s even alive, let alone walking around.

According to MeatEater, the footage was taken by local hunter Chris Evans (not to be confused with Captain America Chris Evans), who has since reached out to local landowners to find out what happened.

“Pretty wild thing to see a deer still walking after something like this.

We are trying to see if we can find and kill him if he is still alive.”

Guesses of how this might’ve happed range everywhere from fleshing-eating disease and infection, to a car hitting him, and some even suggest that this was the work of alien life forms, but the most likely scenario involves him getting caught in a combine.

Either way, it’s absolutely insane that he’s still walking around with such a gaping wound.

The Recovery

The buck was found nearly a month later, but by then, there wasn’t much left of him.

“YES. The deer was found dead on the neighboring property about a month after the trail video was taken. Nothing but the skull antlers and spine. I’m guessing he didn’t live longer than a day or 2.

We had coyotes running around on other cameras same day and next day. I think they were onto his blood scent. He was found near a farm pond. I think he headed into the water.”

He was one tough SOB, that buck…

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